The Contender
Thomas E. Dewey
Born: March 24, 1902
Died: March 16, 1971
"Our problem is within ourselves. We have found the means to blow the world physically apart. Spiritually, we have yet to find the means to put the world's pieces back together again."

1931 Assistant U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York

1933: Acting U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York

1935: Special Prosecutor investigating organized crime in New York City

1937: District Attorney of New York County

1943-1954: Republican Governor of New York

1944: Republican nominee for U.S. president

1948: Republican nominee for U.S. president

1955-1971: Attorney in private practice, Dewey Ballantine, New York City

1944 Election

CandidatePartyElectoral VotesPopular VotesPercentage
Franklin D. RooseveltDemocratic43225,612,91653.4%
Thomas DeweyRepublican9922,017,92945.9%

1948 Election

CandidatePartyElectoral VotesPopular VotesPercentage
Harry S. TrumanDemocratic30324,179,34749.6%
Thomas E. DeweyRepublican18921,991,29245.1%
Strom ThurmondDixiecrat391,175,9302.4%

Did you know...
Thomas E. Dewey became nationally famous for prosecuting racketeering cases in New York against Depression-era gangsters Dutch Schultz and Lucky Luciano. In 1935, Schultz asked fellow gangsters for permission to assassinate Dewey.

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